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Professional Nutrition Counseling

From losing weight to not feeling so rundown all the time, proper nutrition can change your life. At Gold Primary Care, we can help you with our nutritional counseling services. Contact us today for an appointment to get on the right nutritional track.

Develop healthy eating habits

Dr. Grossgold will take the time to work with you on developing a nutrition plan that's both safe and effective. That way, you won't have to starve yourself or take unhealthy measures to achieve your weight loss and lifestyle goals.

Food should be fuel

At Gold Primary Care, we prepare a nutritional plan as per your body requirements and lifestyle preferences. We also recommend whole foods that help nourish and repair your body.

Nutrition can assist you with

• Weight loss

• Hypertension

• Diabetes

• Chronic illnesses

Dr. Grossgold is a member of the American Integrative and Holistic Association.

Talk to us about ways to improve your nutrition. Call:


Nutrition counselingNutrition counselingNutrition counselingNutrition counseling